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8 RC 1/10th Scale Dominator

I have watched @reedtimmer and the rest of his team fly RC drones into storms. I also know that the DOMs are like the safest thing to drive into a tornado, but when you get th...

community.tvnweather.com community.tvnweathe...cale-dominator/353.rss

4 Archivists' Toolkit - For Archivists By Archivists

The Archivists’ Toolkit™, or the AT, is the first open source archival Data management system to provide broad, integrated support for the management of archives. It is in...

www.archiviststoolkit.org archiviststoolkit.org/rss.xml

1 Comments On: Creating New Worlds

Pop-cultural Instruments for Data expression and exploration.

blog.bloom.io blog.bloom.io/2011/...ating-new-worlds/feed/

0 Pottermore Sorting: Sorting Hat Analysis And Meta

This blog is devoted to discussing the Pottermore Sorting Hat, trying to analyze what answers are which and why they are what they are. I also do a bit of meta/rumor debunking...

pottermoreanalysis.tumblr.com pottermoreanalysis.tumblr.com/rss