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22 Poem Of The Day

Featured Poem Of The Day.

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20 The Dancing Rest

Art and Artist, Song Of The Day, Poem Of The Day, Science, Travel

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16 Welcome To Modern Poetry With Silvia Hartmann

[http://silviahartmann.com/]MY NAME IS SILVIA HARTMANN AND I AM  A POET. I am also an energist and to me, this explains poetry and answers The question "What is poetry goo...

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5 Poem In Your Pocket: Recently Added Items - Poetry Soci...

Each April, The PSA collaborates with The New York City Department Of Cultural Affairs to present Poem In Your Pocket Day, a city-wide program which encourages individuals to ...

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3 Comments For The Dancing Rest

Art and Artist, Song Of The Day, Poem Of The Day, Science, Travel

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1 Granta Magazine RSS Feed

GUIDELINES Granta accepts submissions between OCTOBER 1 AND APRIL 1. Submissions will close over The Christmas holiDays. Please submit in only one category at a time. Fictio...

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0 Creativity

Ten years ago, Beth Greenspan put a Poem in her wallet that she’s carried ever since. Her son was just on The verge Of adolescence, and she was wistful.  “I noticed that ...

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0 Diamon Naturals

Welcome to my blog... you'll find patterns, recipes and maybe a Poem here and There, with lots Of friendly chatter. The focus may be on quilting, knitting, crocheting, beading...

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0 Pictures And Poems

Susan K. Miller's collages and watercolor sketches, and "found poetry" created by erasing words in an existing text (here The Oxford English Dictionary online word Of The Day)...

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0 Augustine's Confessions

Nonnie Augustine is a poet, short fiction writer, poetry editor Of The Linnet's Wings from 2007 to spring 2014, and author Of The poetry collection, "One Day Tells its Tale to...

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0 Christopher Lee The Writer

(NSFW/Adults ONLY) My tumblr uses The terms Dad/son to express gay adult relationships rooted in The age old practice Of inter-generational bonding and tutelage, from Ancient ...

joshitx.tumblr.com joshitx.tumblr.com/rss

0 The Shyest Attempt At A Conversation

My name is Jason Grady and I decided that I would try to write a free verse Poem every Day Of 2013. I realize this isn’t an original idea. Some or all Of Them might not be a...

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