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0 Badly Drawn Boypussy

~illuminati~ artist/Blogger/coffee-drinker I try not to creep people out. I usually fail. Probably because I draw so much porn. That’s probably it. “Katie gets off on chok...

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0 Legless Army

I am a PhD student living in the UK. My partner and I currently own a Russian Ratsnake an African Brown House snake, A Ridley’s cave racer a Leucistic Black Rat snake, Royal...

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pit bulls… anime… the Simpsons…. Russian & Japanese culture…. piano… classical music… classic films… & the meaning of Life!!

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0 Love The World Until Death Gets Jealous

Originally from Brooklyn, NYC, but currently residing in NJ. Just a Russian kid living Life profoundly with ambition, love, and loneliness. I’m 19 by the way. This Blog cont...

ooakigor.tumblr.com ooakigor.tumblr.com/rss

0 I Play Russian Roulette With A Bullet Called Life

Mostly Marvel, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and LOTR. Thorki is my Life thank you very much. There’s Stucky love on this Blog, too 

i-am-not-the...-see.tumblr.com i-am-not-the-light-you-see.tumblr.com/rss

0 Catharsis Diaries

Libertarian. Minarchist. Agnostic. American with Russian-French Heritage. Choleric. ENTJ. W&M 2017. I’ve dedicated this as a sort of personal Blog, where I have taken to mos...

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0 San Francisco Burger Blog

In a town known for fog, sourdough bread and chocolate, a band of intrepid adventurers has decided to begin a trek through the city’s best joints to find red meat between tw...

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0 The Russian Monster

Hi, My name is Yana. I am 24. I am from Orange County California. I am now attending the University of Montana to study art and technical theatre. I post things I like and thi...

the-russian-monster.tumblr.com the-russian-monster.tumblr.com/rss